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ACTH (left, pg/mL/min) and Cortisol (right, ng/mL/min) levels are indicators of stress. This graph shows actual levels after exposure to a placebo (white), and to the compounds in Mental Focus (black). A significant decrease is noted.

The below graph shows the average number of correct hits by a study group of professional golf players, before (white) and after (black) exposure to a placebo (left), and to the compounds in Mental Focus. A 25% increase can be noted.


Better than caffeine: 2 substances to unleash brain power without anxiety and nervousness side-effects

Phosphatidylserine (PS)

has shown in numerous studies an improvement in cognitive performance on young students with attention deficiency, on seniors, and athletes in attention-demanding sports.


has shown in numerous studies a reduction in stress levels, and an increase in concentration, and in quality of sleep. Its effects are well-documented for top golf players.


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